Gettin' By, Imma Do & Free | Be Careful of the (Internal) Friends You Choose

     Growing up, we’re always told to choose our friends wisely. But we’re
never taught the importance of being a true friend to ourselves. The severity of this problem is underrated.

Gettin’ By, Imma Do & Free; Be Careful of the (Internal) Friends You Choose is a guide to changing your life by learning to master your inner world and becoming your own greatest ally. 

In this illuminating and informative book Ellen Moore, The Cake Lady shares the trusted process she developed while on her journey to taking back her own life and learning to be free. Used correctly, this book is a powerful tool that will enable you to:


  • Discover the relationship between your attitude and your current life situation.
  • Learn to recognize and utilize your talents, gifts and abilities. 
  • Unlock your life’s purpose and unearth your full potential.
  • Begin to understand the importance of having goals and a vision for your life.
  • Explore the connection between a strong belief system and a balanced life.
  • Define a plan of action and learn the key succeeding in your goals.  

     By the end of this book you will be fully equipped to pursue the life of your dreams. You will understand where you are in life, how you got there and how to go about fixing it once and for all.